Watch Out for the Newest Cyber Threat: Ransomware

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The cyber-security stakes have gotten higher for enterprises with the recent news that a hospital in Los Angeles had to fork out $17,000 to pay cyber criminals after they crippled its network. The ransomware that infected Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center and the ransom they had to pay the hackers to unlock their system reflect the newest danger facing any organization that has a computer network. The hospital’s case is not an isolated one, and experts are warning that cyber criminals have increasingly switched their targets from big companies to small and mid-sized businesses as their networks are easier to infiltrate,…
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Address Risks of Cloud Storage before Making Switch

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As cloud data storage becomes more ubiquitous, you may be considering migrating many of your company’s storage functions to a cloud service. Going with cloud storage can save you money in terms of data storage and hardware, but there are also issues you need to consider, particularly: • Accessibility • Dealing with data loss and recovery • Escrow agreement with provider • Continuity after termination • Ability to handle advanced workloads First and foremost, you should not focus exclusively on cost as it is just one parameter you have to consider when initiating a cloud service. One of the most…
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