How Employers Can Fight the High Cost of Diabetes

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Diabetes is a devastating illness – and not just for those with the disease. Employers are also shouldering massive and increasing direct and indirect costs due to diabetes. Diabetes afflicts more than 11% of the adult population, including about 6.3% of full-time workers and 9.1% of part-time workers. Adults with diabetes incur more than $8,480 in direct treatment costs, on average. Those who are insured spend even more. A 2016 report from the Health Care Cost Institute estimated that insured workers with diabetes spend more than $16,000 on health care costs per year. Those without diabetes, on average, generate about…
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Diabetes Wellness Programs Can Boost Productivity, Reduce Expenses

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Physicians and employee health experts are increasingly recommending that employers include diabetes screening, prevention and management in their company-sponsored wellness programs. Diabetes – known as the “silent killer” – afflicts more than 29 million Americans, or 9% of the population. Type 2 diabetes – or “adult-onset diabetes” – accounts for about 90% to 95% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is associated with older age, obesity, family history of diabetes, history of gestational diabetes, impaired glucose metabolism, physical inactivity, and race/ethnicity. The fallout from the disease has a significant impact on businesses as it can lead to…
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