Preparing a ‘Go-Bag’ Emergency Kit in Case of Sudden Evacuation

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As natural catastrophes continue growing in number and severity, everybody should be prepared for quick evacuation in case of emergency. Even if you don’t live in an area known for natural disasters, you should always be prepared in case you have to make a sudden evacuation. While there is only so much planning we can do for this type of event, at the very least you should consider packing a “go-bag” emergency kit of supplies that can help keep you safe while finding a place to retreat to. When you need to leave in a hurry, depending on how much…
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Revisit Risk Response Plans in Light of Emerging Threats

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There’s a lot going on in the world and the risks are changing and evolving rapidly, making it difficult for many companies to adjust and manage the risks they face effectively. Some risks that barely registered a decade ago now pose serious challenges to many businesses. There are novel technological risks with new threats constantly arising in the cyber world, economic and market volatility, terrorism, regulatory and legal challenges, supply chain vulnerability and political uncertainty. These risks can all be real for any business and it’s important that you and your manager sit down and try to identify the potential…
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