New Overtime Exemption Regs Take Effect Jan. 1, 2020

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New federal overtime exemption regulations have finally been introduced for non-exempt workers after years of wrangling over the issue. Under the new rule, employers will be required to pay overtime to certain salaried workers who make less than to $684 per week – or $35,568 per year – up from the current threshold of $455, or $23,660 in annual salary. The new regulations are a midway point from Obama administration rules that would have seen the salary cap increased to $47,476, a move that was blocked by a court after protests from the employer community in December 2016. Because the Trump administration…
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DOL Abandons Overtime Rule, Asks Court to OK Salary Threshold Concept

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If you remember, the Department of Labor last December was slated to implement a new white-collar overtime rule, but after business groups appealed, a federal judge in Texas issued an order temporarily blocking it days before it was due to take effect. The DOL had been continuing work on appealing the ruling but now that the Trump administration is in charge, the agency dropped its defense of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime rule. The rule would have required employers to pay overtime to workers who make less than a new threshold of $47,476, regardless of their title. So…
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