New Law Bars Pharmacy Benefit Manager Gag Clauses

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President Trump has signed two bills into law that would add transparency to drug pricing by banning gag clauses imposed by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) that bar pharmacists from discussing drug prices with the person buying prescription medication. The bills, passed with bipartisan support, take aim at the PBM practice of clawbacks, which occur when the copayment set by the PBM is more than the actual cash price of the drug. So instead of the policyholder being able to pay less for the drug, the PBM will usually pocket the difference. And because of gag clauses, most policyholders never get…
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Five Ways Employers Can Save on Health Care Costs

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In recent years, many companies have been dealing with rising health care costs largely by transferring more of the expense and risk on to their employees. But some employers have found smarter, more creative ways to limit health costs without further burdening valued employees. Here are some of the best solutions: 1.) Pharmacy benefit managers. Pharmacy benefit managers are independent third party administrators who work with pharmacists, employers and workers to reduce costs and inefficiencies. For example, they may help workers migrate from expensive brand name drugs to equally effective generics for a fraction of the cost. Or they may…
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