Protect Your Business against Supply Chain Disruption

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Hurricane Irma highlighted how fragile America’s supply and logistical chains can be. Thanks to a variety of technologies like RFID tracking and just-in-time supply chain management, U.S. businesses are running leaner than ever. And sometimes, all it takes is a bump in the road to show us just how lean, and how easy it is for events beyond anyone’s control to wreak havoc with a business’s ability to function. When Hurricane Irma walked up the Florida peninsula, tens of millions of Floridians flocked to stores to stock up on bottled water, batteries, ice and other supplies, expecting to be out…
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Employee Assistance Programs in Times of Need

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Natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, cause extensive property damage, physical injuries and loss of life. The distress might not end there, however. Mental health experts say that many victims of disasters experience post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety in the months following these events. The loss of loved ones, jobs, material goods and livelihoods are all traumatic experiences for victims, according to one Red Cross official. Employers helping their workers cope with experiencing a disaster will generally find that having an employee assistance program (EAP) in place is invaluable. An EAP is an intervention program designed to help…
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