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Company Value & Philosophy

We are a mid-sized, full-service insurance agency dedicated to delivering exceptional and proactive expertise to all our valued clients, no matter their size. We understand the everyday risk management challenges that today’s business owners face, and we are committed to successfully solving issues before they turn into costly problems.

At CoreMark we also believe in having fun, caring for one another and celebrating milestones as a team. CoreMark is a family, and we cannot give our best if we are not at our best.


“At CoreMark, we support a work/life balance for our team by offering a unique Wellness program. We find we can only be our best when we are at our best through an active and healthy lifestyle. We all do well when we all do well!”

– Dan Bertrand | CEO

CoreMark Team

At CoreMark, we do well when we’re all doing well.  Our commitment to excellence allows us to grow and remain profitable so we can share that profit with our entire team.  Our internal mantra of “EGPP” drives us every day to serve our clients the best we can.  EGPP stands for:

  • Excellence
  • Growth
  • Profitability
  • Profit Sharing

Dan Bertrand

CEO & Founding Principal Partner

Sean Tsui

President & Founding Principal Partner

Mat Nabity

Executive Vice President & Founding Principal Partner

Sean Dufficy

Assistant Vice President, Commercial

Jason Holmes

Assistant Vice President, Commercial

Brennen Cull

Vice President, Commercial

Drew Taylor

Assistant Vice President, Employee Benefits

Blake Edwards

Commercial Insurance Broker

What to Expect When You Work With Us At CoreMark

Our guiding principles are Excellence, Growth, Profitability, and Profit-Sharing. We offer a comprehensive benefits package which includes health, dental, and 401k.
CoreMark prides itself in its culture of appreciation & respect, contributing to a rewarding work environment with plenty of opportunities for growth.

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CoreMark Wellness

Feel better, Look better, Play better and now Work better… CoreMark cares about our employee’s wellbeing. CoreMark partnered with certified Personal Trainers to create a Wellness Program to deliver company-sponsored personal training and group workout sessions, along with a lot of extras.

CoreMark Cares

CoreMark Cares about the communities in which we live and work as well as all the communities of the world. We believe when we are well we’re able to help each other be well. Members of our team are very active in a number of philanthropic ventures including the following:

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