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Our expert consultants will work side by side with you to create a comprehensive Employee Benefits Plan based on your needs, goals, and expectations. We understand that managing a team is a big undertaking, and we want you to be set up for success.

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Health care costs continue to go up and benefits continue to change, but wise employers strive to offer effective Employee Benefits Programs. A quality Employee Benefits Program can not only attract new employees but also help retain the best employees too.

We understand the many challenges this decision brings. Plan administration is more complex than ever and compliance is a growing concern, especially with ACA-related changes. With our highly qualified Employee Benefits Consultants, preferred agency carrier relationships, and elite support tools and resources, CoreMark’s team guides employers to make the ideal benefits investment decisions for their business while attracting and retaining the best talent enabling them to grow.

Retain your key executives by Implementing an Executive Benefits Plan in addition to your executive compensation package. There are many different types of executive benefits plans designed to help you compensate executives and encourage them to remain with your company for many years.

Let CoreMark’s experienced benefit team design a custom plan that can help exceed your business goals and the needs of your key employees.

With the addition of ACA Exchange Marketplaces, Advanced Premium Tax Credits (“APTC” also known as subsidies), the Individual-Family (“IFP”) market has become far more inviting and complex.

CoreMark’s experts will help answer your questions. Our team of consultants is certified to represent Covered California, as well as the private marketplace. Whether you are looking for health, dental, disability, or life insurance, we can help you and your family select the best option for your needs and budget. We also have plans available for Medicare-eligible folks.

The Eligibility Department will handle this process from start to finish, yet keep you informed, so you can focus on what you’re best at.

CoreMark will work to process your employee additions, terminations, and change requests with your carriers. We will prepare customized materials to provide your workforce a complete overview of their benefits package. Clients also gain access to EASE, our online system which includes plan information, rates, forms and enrollment—and can be utilized as a full HRIS management system.

Through an extensive risk assessment process, CoreMark Insurance helps employers stay in compliance with the many potential pitfalls many employers don’t even know exist.

Health Care Reform & Compliance: We know that health care reform will be an ever-changing process wrought with multiple viewpoints and opinions. Whether you’re an individual consumer, employer, or business partner navigate through the latest updates and changes related to health care reform on both national and state levels. From 1094/1095 forms, ERISA plan documents, ACA disclosures, to the employer mandate, our team ensures you comply with applicable regulations.

HR & Training Resources: In addition to software that provides compliance tools including library of documents and forms, toolkits, we provide clients a hotline where they can ask HR certified attorneys for advice to run their business. Satisfy state requirements for sexual harassment prevention and safety training using our Zywave Client Portal.

CoreMark’s EASE offers a robust benefits administration platform to organize your benefits package online.

This complimentary software provides everything you need to efficiently manage your program, right at your fingertips. We offer site maintenance, access to an expansive virtual HR back office, and access to an employer hotline.

Group benefit plans often experience additions, deletions and changes that tend to impact client’s monthly billing statements. In addition, many times employees have questions with out-of-pocket expenses.

CoreMark’s in-house claims team is your resource for making sure the insurance carriers process these changes timely and accurately. Our claims team also is a great resource to help your employees with billing and coverage questions.

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