Cal/OSHA Raises Penalties for 2024

Cal/OSHA penalties for several workplace safety violations by California employers have increased for 2024.

The penalties for both Fed-OSHA and state violations rise annually to account for inflation under the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act. Penalties for most violations increased 3% on Jan. 16 from their 2023 levels.

Here’s a rundown of the new penalties:

  • General and regulatory violations, including posting and recordkeeping violations: maximum penalty is $15,873, up from $15,375 in 2023.
  • The minimum penalty for a willful violation: $11,337, up from $10,981.
  • The maximum penalty for willful and repeat violations: $158,727, up from $153,744.
  • The maximum penalty for serious violations, including tower cranes and carcinogen use: $25,000, unchanged from 2023.
  • The maximum penalty for both a serious and other-than-serious violation: $16,131, up from $15,625.
  • The maximum daily penalty for a failure to abate: $16,131, up from $15,625.
  • The maximum penalty for a serious or repeat violation: $161,323, up from $156,259.


The maximum penalty for Cal/OSHA violations grow every year, and as a responsible employer, you should focus on keeping a safe workplace that targets reducing the risk of injuries to your staff.

It not only helps avoid injuries, but also keeps a lid on your workers’ compensation costs and reduces the chances of receiving citations from Cal/OSHA.