Congrats and Welcome

Congratulations to Dan Bertrand, Sean Tsui, and Mat Nabity on co-founding CoreMark Insurance Services, Inc, as well as the entire team of CoreMarkers who join them in this immensely exciting venture. This is our very first blog post and we are both humbled and proud. Welcome!

[dropcap style=”box”]Q: [/dropcap]Why CoreMark Insurance Services, Inc., and why now?

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Dan Bertrand, partner, CoreMark Insurance Services, Inc.
Dan Bertrand, CEO

[dropcap style=”box”]A: [/dropcap]As a founding partner with Armstrong & Associates Insurance Services for 8 wonderful years and helping to build that agency into one of the Top 100 Independent Agencies in the United States, I was ready to challenge myself again.

Sean Tsui, Mat Nabity and I realized that the three of us had the same core values and drive to create under CoreMark, a team of insurance professionals based on Excellence, Value, and Trust. As clients expect more and more from their insurance agency, we know we need to be there with the services, products, and team to deliver.

[dropcap style=”box”]Q: [/dropcap]What is changing and what will stay the same?

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Sean Tsui, partner, CoreMark Insurance Services, Inc.
Sean Tsui, president

[dropcap style=”box”]A: [/dropcap]At CoreMark, we will continue the long tradition of delivering quality insurance products and services with the same wonderful team who strive for excellence. Our desire to attract and retain the best talent in our industry is the basis for EGPP — Excellence, Growth, Profitability, and Profit Sharing.

We have always excelled in securing the most competitive insurance products for our clients and we will continue to do the same.

[dropcap style=”box”]Q: [/dropcap]Will CoreMark be a full-service insurance agency delivering all lines of insurance including employee benefits?

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Mat Nabity, partner, CoreMark Insurance Services, Inc.
Mat Nabity, executive vice president

[dropcap style=”box”]A: [/dropcap]We find that our clients prefer to have all of their insurance needs handled by one insurance agency, but without sacrificing quality and value. Many times, insurance agencies that attempt a full-service strategy, struggle with offering the best in employee benefits products and services, but that is just one of many areas where we excel. Our commitment to Excellence, Value, and Trust, is more than a tagline. For us, we simply won’t accept anything less.