Lights Out Service!

“Lights Out Service” started as an internal service mantra – referencing the light that illuminates when an employee has an unheard voicemail. Lights Out Services simply means we are available when our clients need us and respond quickly in the event we miss their call.

What started out as such a simple concept has evolved into a much larger company culture of exceptional customer service. Lights Out Service is our promise to our clients for quick response times, thorough communications, and ensuring all the services of CoreMark Concierge are just a call away. Whether you come to us for a new quote, claims resolution, renewal questions or existing policy consultations – Lights Out Service means you will get everything you need, in a timely and professional manner.

In dedication to our commitment to Lights Out Service, we had this mural created in our office, painted by CoreMark team member Sean Dufficy. Do you have a story of a time when we provided you with Lights Out Service? We want to hear it! #LightsOutService