Benefits Services

Benefit Services

Personalized Program Analysis and Plan Design

CoreMark’s Employee Benefits Consultants begin each client relationship with a comprehensive review of all benefits-related insurance policies, programs and documents. This review begins with a meeting to discover the needs, goals, and expectations of the client and includes seven key points that we have identified as benchmarks for high performance employee benefit programs. From there, we make recommendations and collaborate with the client on a suitable plan of action.

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HR and Payroll Support

CoreMark offers a robust benefits administration platform that organizes the entire group benefits package in an online, scalable and easy-to-use custom URL for each of our clients, at no extra charge. The software provides everything you need to efficiently manage your program, right at your fingertips. We also offer site maintenance performed by our staff, including personalized benefits information any time there’s a change at the employee or employer level.

Our services also include access to an expansive virtual HR back office and employer hotline that we pay for on behalf of all our clients. When you need direct support or guidance, you may also consult with our very own in-house PHR designated from SHRM.

CoreMark clients can login to our HR360 portal here:

If you are a CoreMark client and have not yet registered for HR360, just contact us by email and we would be happy to help.

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Employee Communications

CoreMark facilitates face-to-face enrollment meetings at a company’s anniversary date or when a new plan is implemented. We are dedicated to engaging and educating your team to help them with the complex task of making wise enrollment decisions. Our enrollment meetings are designed to be informative, succinct and fun. We include professional customized materials, a Q&A session and one-on-one advising to employees with unique situations or those who need extra assistance.

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Eligibility Processing

CoreMark’s staff processes all your employee additions, terminations, and change requests with the carriers. The Eligibility Department follows-up with the carriers to verify accurate processing. Clients are kept in the loop and are relieved of this laborious task, so they can focus on other things.
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Compliance Documents and Disclosures

With rare exceptions, when we begin a new relationship with an employer, our risk assessment reveals at least one exposure that was either mishandled or not addressed at all. One of many areas where we excel is our commitment to helping employers stay in compliance with the vast array of documents and disclosures they are tasked with. Our unique approach makes it easy for employers to quickly make any necessary changes or updates and avoid potential pitfalls that many employers don’t even know exist.

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Client Advocacy

We are fortunate to have earned preferred agency status with most of the major carriers that operate in California. That’s based on our reputation of professional integrity and commitment to excellence. This preferred agency status is very useful in those cases when a client needs an extra level of service to resolve an issue. We value and enjoy our carrier and vendor relationships immensely. But make no mistake, we value our client relationships even more and in those rare instances where push comes to shove, we will always put up the good fight for our clients and their employees.

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